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5 Things that Could Ruin Your Strip Club Experience and you want to AVOID!

There are many possible reasons why you'd visit a gentlemen's club. Perhaps you're celebrating with your close friend who's going to get married soon. Maybe you're simply looking to indulge in some downtime after a long week at work. Either way, the goal is for you to have a good time. But there are many ways your night could be ruined. Sometimes, it's your entire fault because you made one or more of the following mistakes:

Wearing Tight Jeans
When going to a place like The Grosvenor on George, you shouldn't only think about looking decent yet stylish. You should also consider your comfort and that of the dancers, especially if you're planning to get a lap dance. Tight jeans will feel constricting sooner or later. Ideally, you should wear khakis which are thin without being sleazy. 

Falling Asleep
VIP booths and lap dances are great. However, you should remember that they often charge by the ten minute block of time. This means that drowsing off in the middle of your night may cost you a lot of money. Honest strippers will put an ice cube down your shirt or just try to wake you up. But when you're practically dead to the world no matter how they try to rouse you, they're going to give up soon enough. So, just don't fall asleep. If you're really starting to feel tired, head home.

Getting Absolutely Wasted
Certainly, it's fun to get happy and let loose, especially when you're out with your pals. But it's wise to set a limit for yourself and even your group. You don't want to trouble your friends with figuring out how to get you home. You probably also do not want to end up losing your keys or phone while you're out of it. Plus, you never know if you end up doing something you'll regret, like making it rain in the house with your whole pay check so you're broke for the rest of the month.

Trying to Pay for Sex
Adult clubs are NOT brothels and you need to bear this in mind. Remember that prostitution in most Australian states is downright illegal. Additionally, laws relating to sex work are confusing and you'll want to avoid getting embroiled into the legalities just because of sex. Besides, women strip NOT because they want to get laid but because they enjoy it, so don't assume they're there to pleasure you at a motel afterwards, becasue they are NOT and won't take kindly to you asking.

Getting Into Fights
One of the most inappropriate things you could do in a Gentlemen's Club is get involved in a brawl. Most fights arise from minor issues that could have been resolved easily. For instance, a guy spilled some of his drink on your pants or somebody stepped on your toes. Do you really need to punch a person's face to feel better? The logical answer is "no". Always find the most reasonable and appropriate way to solve a problem when you're out at any establishment.

There are many ways that you could possibly get in trouble when out and about. A rule of thumb for ensuring that you have a good time is knowing both the spoken and unspoken rules of an establishment. Then, you should be sure to follow them. You might want to give your pals or group a briefing about the points discussed above too.

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